La Pizzetta Restaurant by lowfat 000

La Pizzetta Restaurant

For La Pizzetta Restaurant in the center of Athens, the public character of the store that sits on a busy pedestrian street looking at Acropolis, in combination with remnant traces from previous uses constitute the basic tools for the architectural approach.

  • Location: Athens, Greece
  • Client: Private
  • Year: 2019
  • Status: Built
  • Architectural Design: lowfat architecture + interiors
  • Partner: Giorgos Varelas
  • Project Architect: Evi Sougkara
  • Team: Stefanos Manousoff
  • Construction: lowfat architecture + interiors
  • Construction Manager: Alexandros Patsis
  • Photography: Panagiotis Voumvakis
  • Press:


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The design puts an emphasis on the extroverted character of the restaurant by opening up the service area to the street and turning the food preparation into a show for the visitors. Overall, the two dominant materials chosen—ceramic tiles and metallic structures—converse in the space in different shades of green and are tied together with preserved elements that pre-existed this new use, like the mosaic floor and the coatings on the walls and ceilings.

Passersby can either taste the Italian flavours and move along their way to the historic neighbourhood of Plaka, or follow the metallic stair to the second level of the restaurant, where a seating area is organised. Custom made furniture that use the dominant materials of the design, in combination with lavish interior plants and bird eye views to the street create a chilled environment to enjoy a snack and take a refreshing break.

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