Just Made 33

For Just Made street food restaurant, the specificity and identity of the existing building were taken into consideration during the design and construction. Materials with patina to match the existing ones were used and original architectural elements that had been covered by several layers of intervention throughout the years were restored.

  • Location: Athens, Greece
  • Client: Private
  • Year: 2015
  • Status: Built
  • Architectural Design: lowfat architecture + interiors
  • Partner: Giorgos Varelas
  • Construction: lowfat architecture + interiors
  • Construction Manager: Alexandros Patsis
  • Awards & Mentions:

    Greek Architecture Awards, Shortlisted 2016

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The store is located on the ground floor of an existing two-strorey neoclassical building. The auxiliary areas are located in the basement and in a part of the mezzanine.

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Just Made Restaurant by lowfat 009

The perforated pattern in the elevation of the building, except for its decorative purpose, serves the needs of ventilation of the mezzanine.