Old Athenian House

A traditional Athenian townhouse, dating from the beginning of the 20th century and located in the downtown neighborhood of Mets, was refurbished to host a contemporary residence for a young couple. The layout and elements of the original architecture were preserved as much as possible, while linear cabinets in chestnut wood and a freestanding cooking island were introduced to organize the everyday living spaces that face the street.

  • Location: Mets, Greece
  • Client: Private Client
  • Year: 2021
  • Size: 110m²
  • Status: Built
  • Architectural Design: Lowfat Architecture + Interiors
  • Partner: Alexandros Patsis
  • Team: Alexandros Martigopoulos, Evi Prokou
  • Construction: lowfat architecture+interiors
  • Photography: Panagiotis Voumvakis
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The design employs the configuration of the house that opens up to a backyard, to introduce playful transitions from the private space of the bedroom to semi-open and outdoor spaces that will host resting, working and small gatherings with friends. Elements like a glass fireplace that is visible both from the office and the veranda, underline this gesture.

The selection of materials was made with reference to the historic physiognomy of the residence and the building techniques characteristic of that era, in combination with contemporary living standards. Plaster and mortars made from natural materials, marble, cement tiles and wooden floors and doors are mixed with metal structures, engineered floor coverings and sustainable building systems.