Resort in Chalkidiki Peninsula

The campus sits on top of a secluded hill in Halkidiki peninsula, surrounded by large pine and cypress trees. Maintaining the conifer grove at the heart of the site and invigorating local food production activities was essential to creating a sustainable community and a unique accommodation experience.

  • Location: Halkidiki, Greece
  • Year: 2019-Ongoing
  • Status: Commissioned Study
  • Architectural Design: lowfat architecture + interiors
  • Partner: Giorgos Varelas
  • Team: Evi Sougkara
  • Associate Architect: Stelios Tsaparas
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Taking advantage of the hill topography, the hotel facilities unfold in two levels: the main reception, administration and poolside areas adjacent to the street, at the top of the hill, which boast some impressive views towards the coast, and the guest houses which sit deep within the hillside, partly carved out of the landscape. A range of outdoor spaces, from patios and courtyards to loggias and terraces are employed to weave architecture and landscape together, establishing a living in transition between inside and outside areas with regulated climate conditions.

Log cabins that host dairy workshops, wine fermentation facilities and apiaries are arranged on the lower side of the hill. They are programmed to have minimum impact on the ground and a reduced environmental footprint by utilising recyclable wooden components for the building structure and outer shell.