Relevance Offices in Athens

The office space, accommodating a digital marketing agency and spanning an area of 350 m2, is located in the centre of Athens, overlooking Syntagma Square.
The initial shell comprised an open space with exposed structural elements, including concrete columns, beams, and micro cement floors.
The industrial character of the space was retained as an integral part of the architectural composition and the general aesthetics of the interior.

  • Location: Athens
  • Client: Relevance Digital Agency
  • Year: 2022
  • Size: 350 sq. m.
  • Status: Complete
  • Architectural Design: lowfat architecture + interiors
  • Partner: Alexandros Patsis
  • Team: Dimitra Frantzi, Evi Prokou
  • Lighting Design: L+DG Lighting Architects
  • Construction: lowfat architecture + interiors
  • Construction Manager: Alexandros Patsis
  • Photography: Panagiotis Voumvakis
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Open workspaces were designed as the core of the office, fostering a sense of transparency and connectivity among team members. By removing physical
partitions and embracing an open layout, the office becomes a fluid and adaptable space that encourages collaboration, idea-sharing, and cross-functional communication.

Adding a bespoke touch to the space, custom-made furniture such as shelving units made from rebars and wood, lounge tables, and planters were placed
around the workplace and common areas, serving both form and function.
The integration of greenery served as a guiding principle for the interior design. Carefully selected indoor plants were used in multiple locations, softening the
exposed concrete canvas. This juxtaposition creates a harmonious balance, offering a touch of tranquillity amid the bustling energy of the workspace and promoting the employees’ physical and mental well-being.

In the common areas, the use of vibrant color finishes and decorative details, coupled with comfortable seating arrangements, creates inviting pockets for
spontaneous collaboration and relaxation.

Exposed air vents and cable trunking systems were installed on the ceilings, further accentuating the industrial ambiance of the space.
White office desks were selected for the entirety of the workspaces, with the intent of simulating the cleanliness and organization of a laboratory. These workstations,
set against the backdrop of exposed concrete elements, reinforcing the idea of the workspace as a hub for experimentation, innovation, and discovery.

Black metal frames with polycarbonate sheets were used as partitions for dedicated workspaces, meeting rooms, and common areas. By incorporating
polycarbonate, these partitions achieve a delicate balance between openness and privacy. The selected material facilitates direct views,
creating a sense of visual intrigue while maintaining a transparent aesthetic.