Apartment in Pagrati

The apartment is located out front of the Truman Monument at 42 Vasileos Konstantinou Street, Pagrati. The project is about a minimal modern apartment of 75m2 on the 7th floor of the building that hosts a couple. The main goal was to maximize space and light to create a calm, serene environment that would not only support flexible, modern living but also form a backdrop to playful design interventions.

  • Location: Pagrati, Athens
  • Client: Private
  • Year: 2024
  • Size: 75 sq.m.
  • Status: Built
  • Architectural Design: Gerasimos Savvas
  • Partner: Alexandros Patsis
  • Mechanical Engineer: Andreas Psaroudakis, ConAP
  • Lighting Design: L+DG Lighting Architects
  • Construction: lowfat architecture + interiors
  • Construction Manager: Alexandros Patsis, Gerasimos Savvas
  • Photography: Panagiotis Voumvakis
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At the heart of the apartment is a floor-to-ceiling “smart-living wooden box; that hides the kitchen, the walk-in closet, and storage space in a way that relates directly to personal and social mobility. A door that pops from the box isolates the kitchen from the living area.

In front of the gray wooden bookcase, a small desk was placed, which is dominated by another multi-functional piece of furniture that hides a television and a small bar.

This “habitable artifact” enables living functions to be condensed into a single organizing element that hides easily and does not sacrifice comfort.

The narrow corridor that connects the bedroom, the bathroom, and the WC is brightened by the single-color walls that intersect the smart-living wooden box to the airy, open-plan living area that is illuminated by a full-height glazer connected to a slim balcony.