Accepted Office

The new headquarters for the information technology company Accepted, is an intimate space with an entrance lobby that doubles as a place for collaboration. The offices’ space, situated on the ground floor of a mixed use building near the market area was originally purposed as a retail shop. The major challenge was how to transform this typology into a bright and lively working environment.

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The design employs a contrasting palette of metallic accents, pink, green and blue hues that imply web aesthetics, to organize a layered entrance to the interiors. The galvanized steel walls that designate the entrance area, act as natural light reflector and guide the way to the rose-pink hued tiered seating area. Both a space to host breakouts and small seminars, this linear area connects the lobby to the administration’s metallic cubes, painted in vivid green, blue and salmon-pink hues.

The overall design is tied together with muted tones of a dark green shade for the ceiling, grey tiles for the floor and hues of cream for the walls. The kitchen area features a vivid yellow laminate floor to accentuate the white cabinetry and a long table, acting as a change of mood space for relaxation and informal meetings.